Success Story: Intensive School Based Program

One of STBHS’ most well-established programs is the intensive school-based (“ISB”) program. In connection with one of the middle school ISB programs run by clinicians at STBHS, a middle school student was referred to the program because he was experiencing a mixture of behavioral problems that were impeding his ability to do any kind of school work. The client had difficulty following directions and was often found wondering around the school grounds when he should have been in class. He was often verbally abusive to his teachers and regularly made physical threats to both students and teachers.

After being referred into the ISB program, the client found that the ISB room at the middle school was a place where he could find a quiet workspace. The client would come into the ISB room on a daily basis with a packet of written exercises and work on them quietly and efficiently under the supervision of the ISB clinicians.

Even though the client’s life out of the ISB environment was very turbulent, the client knew he had a quiet place to do school work and a host of friendly faces to help in in all aspects of life. Through continued positive interaction with ISB clinicians and other students that were participating in the middle school ISB program, the client developed a positive self-image and the confidence necessary to continue on with his education after he was done with middle school. Similar to the other programs that STBHS offers, the ISB program helps clients develop life skills that will help them be successful in their education pursuits and in all other facets of life.