Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program is for young adults over 16 years of age who have the ability to become independent, but need a supportive and safe environment to help foster their independent living skills. The purpose of the Program is to prepare young adults to live on their own by developing skills that will allow them to independently manage their own finances, maintain employment and effectively care for a home or apartment. The program is not meant to be a long-term living arrangement, such as a group home or other institution, but a starting point to help young adults move towards complete independence. This program does not provide medical staff and the staff retire to bed each night (after setting the house alarm for safety). This program is voluntary and assists those individuals who have a desire to learn independent living skills. The program assists young people with a mental health diagnosis learn to manage their diagnosis and live within their community.

The Program is aimed at fostering and developing the following independent living skills: (1) personal financial management and home management; (2) diet, nutrition and exercise; (3) medication compliance; (4) personal safety and social skills; (5) effective use of transportation and community resources; (6) understanding the law; and (7) sex education, pregnancy and parenting skills. Clients receive assistance in obtaining a State ID, CPR/first aid and training in many other pre-requisites for employment or education they may need. Clients receive transportation to a vocational or education program each day, as well as transportation needed to help secure and maintain employment.