Therapeutic Dance Program

Dance has always been an important part of Native American history and culture. San Tan’s Therapeutic Dance Program is designed to provide activities and mechanisms whereby clients learn and incorporate various cultural components linked to dance and other related movements to lift them up and provide empowerment.

Artistic expression is a widely-recognized method used to help clients heal from traumatic experiences. The use of dance as a healing tool is rooted in the knowledge that body and mind are inseparable. Dance provides a direct experience of shared emotion on a preverbal and physical level and enhances feelings of unity, harmony, and empathy.

San Tan’s Therapeutic Dance Program provides clients with opportunities to participate in dance classes that are taught by professional dance instructors. These dance instructors have partnered with San Tan to provide weekly hour-long dance sessions to clients that suffer from low self-esteem, poor or distorted body image, low self-confidence, depression, social anxiety and past traumatic events. Families regularly participate in the program by working with participating clients in their homes and attending the regular dance recitals and competitions.