Community Based Counseling

A mother of two came to us after recently being reunified with her son. She was overwhelmed with the transition as she recently overcame years of drug abuse. Her oldest son had been suspended from school, was unable to maintain any positive peer relationships, and was unable to form a healthy relationship with his mother.

Through community based counseling this child was able to address his behavioral issues which stemmed from emotional and relational stressors. His mother was able and willing to learn tools to better meet her child’s needs while meeting her own. After two years of working with this family as a Community Based Counselor our client’s mother was able to obtain her GED, get into and complete a medical vocational program, obtain employment in her chosen field and move into a home of her own. Her child was able to improve his behavior at school and was reportedly the teacher’s favorite and most helpful student. This client learned to use his energy in productive ways through participation in the school’s track team in which he excelled and placed in a school meet. The client’s grades improved, his peers invited him to birthday parties and play dates, and the entire family reported feeling far more stable and confident in dealing with issues on their own as they arose.