Theraputic Martial Arts Program

Several years ago, two siblings who were dealing a series of significant family tragedies were referred into the therapeutic martial arts program. At the time of their referrals, neither sibling was attending school, both had substance abuse problems and both clients had no respect for authority figures. At first, the siblings were reluctant to participate. The program requires hard work, self-discipline and each client must meet certain requirements in his/her school classroom as a prerequisite to participation in the therapeutic martial arts program. However, with the help of dedicated clinicians and instructors, these clients became models, in every sense, for the results and outcomes that can be achieved through regular participation in the therapeutic martial arts program.

The siblings started out as entry-level participants and through personal hard work, family and clinician support and regular testing mandated by the martial arts program, each sibling has passed the rigorous physical and mental training required to earn multiple black belts. Their accomplishments and rankings have been internationally sanctioned by the World Thai Kwon Do Federation giving them credentials that are valid world-wide.

These clients have excelled in the program to the point where both siblings are now assistant martial arts instructors. These clients now exude self-confidence, demand respect from their peers, lead lives of self-discipline and have become mentoring beacons for many adolescents in their surrounding community. These siblings would not have developed the leadership or interaction skills they now possess and display without the therapeutic martial arts program.