Therapeutic Basketball Program

In this Program, San Tan teams up with certified high school basketball coaches across the State of Arizona to provide quality basketball instruction in the form of weekly practices. The focus of this Program is to utilize the game of basketball to accomplish individualized therapeutic goals.

Therapeutic Goals:

  • Prevention and early intervention of substance abuse & addiction through productive activity and emphasis on healthy life style and physical fitness;
  • Development of healthy coping mechanisms and social skills in a group setting and by becoming part of a team;
  • Enhancement of self-esteem through skill building;
  • Enhancement of personal and community identity through community service, activism, and group organization;
  • Teaching adolescent clients to represent their school, community, and to honor their families by putting forth extreme effort, learning every day, and displaying the highest examples of sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, and positive actions;
  • To help adolescent clients that struggle with illnesses, disabilities and other conditions, develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, functional abilities, and quality of life
  • To help adolescent clients embrace a definition of health which includes not only the absence of illness but extends to enhancement of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and leisure development so the individual may participate fully and independently in chosen life pursuits.

Before and during each basketball session, the professional instructor teaching the class outlines clear guidelines on appropriate behavior for clients while providing character education instruction & activities. San Tan has observed increased mastery in life skill domains, coping techniques and self-esteem with many its basketball program participants.