Therapeutic Boxing Program

Upon learning of STBHS’ therapeutic boxing program, a case manager referred 4 adolescent boys, all brothers, into the program. The case manager was looking for a program that could help the boys address their anger management issues, low self-esteem issues and lack of self-control that was being displayed both at home and in school.

At first, each of the client brothers focused solely on individual boxing skills. From there, the boxing instructors slowly started to weave in group and team building skills that required the brothers to work together and encourage one another. The various results from regular participation in the program have been overwhelmingly positive: one brother lost 30 pounds, one brother is now a straight-A student and the other two brothers have developed skills that will allow them to compete in boxing tournaments at the international and Olympic levels. Not only do the client brothers now form an impressive boxing team that spans several different age classifications, they also understand the concept of team as it relates to their family and community.