Young Adult Day Program

Many of the clients that are referred into the young adult day program are over the age of 18 and are struggling not only with diagnosed behavioral issues but with life in general. Recently, a client over the age of 18 was referred into the program because he wasn’t going to any sort of school and his on-going behavioral issues were keeping him from doing anything productive with his life.

After several weeks in the program, the client started to embrace the daily GED instruction as well as the life-skills portion of the program. With the help of the full-time GED instructor and STBHS clinicians, the client was able to complete the GED program in less than 6 months and secure full-time employment. The client has become a leader among his peers, a voice for education in his community and model for hard work. This now-former-client regularly visits the young adult day program to share his positive experiences with current clients.